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The Art Of Cinematic Low Budget Wildlife Film Making
By Ashish Shah

For Ashish the journey to becoming a filmmaker started right after his graduation as a zoologist, He was fascinated, with cinema especially wildlife documentary films

Thus began his wonderful journey in filmmaking he started his carrier as visual effects artist in films after finishing his master’s visual effects and filmmaking at National Centre for Computer Animation of the united kingdom. learning the rules and ropes of Postproduction for films

He enjoyed working on various aspects of post-production of films and commercials he worked with several large visual effect companies on a number of Hollywood blockbuster, commercials, and documentariesHis technical and artistic contribution in visual effects was noticed by software giant “The foundry” which is one of the largest post-production software company for films and commercials.

About Ashish Shah (Wildlife Documentary Film Maker)

He was invited to give a lecture at prestigious visual effect society event, He also conducted lectures in VFX studios in UK and India, DreamWorks, MPC, Prime focus, RHYTHM & HUES

But he wanted to spread his wings and be involved in other aspects of filmmaking and in some way connect his love for wildlife and film thus he decided to make wildlife documentary films

He set up his own production house Darkcomet Films, the Western Ghats of Goa fascinated him, which have tremendous biodiversity and are under a threat. He met Environmentalist MR. Rajendra Kerkar, who is also the member of National wildlife board, Under his guidance he started making a Documentary on Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary which was under threat because of damming projects

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During the course of filming the documentary, he realized the need to make short low budget films on other issues of the environment too which have cinematic appeal as big-budget production and done in short time. This was quite a challenge but not one to back out he started making short films with a low budget, managing all aspects of film from pre-production to post-production

His short 25 min documentary “School Without Wall’s ” won the 2nd best film at India science film festival, He also released The film The count and several short films which highlight the other issues which needed to be touched. All of Ashish films are free and are Made for Educational and awareness purpose and are available on YouTube. He has a great working relationship with Nature’s Nest highly professional naturalist have helped him spot wildlife and provided valuable knowledge regarding the biodiversity of the Western Ghat region

What to Expect

In this 3-DAY in-depth hands-on workshop, you will learn the art of Wildlife documentary filmmaking 
1) The art and language of filmmaking
2) The unique challenges of wildlife filmmaking and how to select your gear to deal with the unique situations
3) learn about the gear ( camera body, functions of a camera, lenses, accessories, stabilization gear like the tripod, sliders, glide cam, shoulder rig, sound equipment
4) introduction to unique low light Sony camera technology have revolutionized filmmaking 
5) introduction to editing, colour grading and sound and quick demo session on how to edit /grade and sound for the film a 1-minute short film from the footage obtained in the workshop and a critique session

Equipment required

1)DSLR /mirrorless camera with lenses if possible good zoom lenses 18 mm to 70 mm, a good microlens, telephoto lenses ( 70 to 300 mm ) is not a must but would be great if you have one, a variable Nd filter is must, portable lights if you have 
2) tripod or monopod 
3) any other filming accessory you have 
4) laptop with editing software like Adobe Premiere pro, final cut, or DaVinci resolve will be great but not necessary 
5) A lot of doubts and question regarding filmmaking, storytelling would be highly recommended

Itinerary (Subject To Change)

Day 1

11 am: Reach Nature’s Nest

12: 30 pm – 2:00 pm: Introduction with Ashish Shah, a quick discussion on film language,
and a complete breakdown of the workflow of making wildlife documentary films

2:00 pm – 3.00 pm: lunch & chat with Ashish Shah

3:30 pm – 5.30 pm: Indoor workshop

5:30 pm -9:00 pm: guided nature Trail for Filming and getting familiar with Equipment

9:30 pm: Dinner & overnight stay at Nature’s Nest

Day 2

5:30 am – 6:00 am :breakfast

6: 00 am – visit chorla ghats which are located at 800 MSL and has unique vegetation due to the climate this place has the various morphs of Malabar pit vipers which we will film

2:00 pm – 2:30 pm – Lunch at Natures Nest

4:00 pm – 6.30 pm – A introduction to the special low light camera from Sony and how it has revolutionized wildlife filmmaking also you will be introduced to the concept of gimbals and sound recording Equipment

6:30 pm – 9.00 pm – Nature trail to laterite plateau area to film the saw-scaled viper, scorpions, Bio-luminescent fungus. Also, we will go on a nature trail for Malabar Gliding Frog and Film the flora and fauna which become active in the dark

9:30 pm – Dinner & overnight stay at Nature’s Nest

Day 3

5.30 – 6.00 am – breakfast

6.00 am to 11 am – we will learn to shoot landscape and wildlife shots using sliders and gimbal at Tambdi Surla temple and nearby Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

12 noon to 2.30 pm – a workshop on editing using adobe premiere pro, colour grading a sound design session on Abelton would be carried out

2.30 pm to 3.30 pm – lunch

3.30 pm to 4:30 pm – concluding remarks from Ashish Shah and the question-answer session would be taken

4:30 pm – workshop concludes

The topics which will be covered in the workshop

1) Workflow of making a wildlife documentary filmmaking script/shooting/editing/grading/sound/final film

2) Choosing your gear to counter wildlife documentary filmmaking challenges

3) Optimizing your DSLR for filmmaking

4) Concept of shooting in flat profile

5) Introduction to histograms and dynamic range

6) Introduction to film gear

7) Low light camera a new marvel in wildlife filmmaking

8) Introduction to gimbals and how to balance it

9) Concepts of cinematography

10) Introduction to editing

11) Introduction to colour grading

12) Introduction to sound design /and how to capture sounds using sound recorders


Charges & Inclusions

Charges: Rs. 8,400/- per person


Stay at Nature's Nest

All Meals

Instructor/ Expert fees

Internal travel to visit places for filming


Transport from Airport/ Railway Station/ Bus Stand will cost Extra

Closest Pick Up Point

Mollem is the closest point were interstate buses stop.  Buses plying between Goa & Belgaum halt at Mollem from where you can be picked up & dropped back at extra charges of Rs. 400/-

Payment & Other Details

Payment Policy:

·  100% Advance payment.



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. Between 30- 16 days: 25% retention.

. Within 15 days before check in: 100% of the total billing amount.


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