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Western Ghats Goa Initiative

Goa is the only state to protect the entire stretch of Western Ghats in its range.  Western Ghats being a part of the global biodiversity hotspot hosts a great diversity of wildlife. 

The Western Ghats Goa are the water reserves of the entire state of Goa.  Wildlife Sanctuaries of Goa that provide water to entire population of the state include the following.

Wildlife Sanctuaries of Goa's Western Ghats

  1. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

  2. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary & National Park

  3. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

  4. Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary

  5. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

Western Ghats also has high endemism.  With 16 of the 21 species of birds endemic to the Western Ghats are found in Goa.

Endemic Birds of Western Ghats

  1. Malabar Parakeet

  2. Malabar Barbet

  3. Malabar Grey Hornbill

  4. Malabar Woodshrike

  5. Flame throated Bulbul

  6. Grey-headed Bulbul

  7. Nilgiri FLowerpecker

  8. Crimson-backed Sunbird

  9. Rufous Babbler

  10. Blyth's Centre

  11. Nilgiri Wood Pigeon

  12. White-bellied Blue Flycatcher

  13. Wynaad Laughingthrush

  14. White-bellied Tree Pie

  15. Grey-fronted Green Pigeon

  16. Vigor's Sunbird


The Mammals that can be sighted in the Western Ghats Goa include the following

Deers: Sambar, Chital (Spotted Deers), Barking Deer, Mouse Deer
Antelope: Four-horned Antelope
Bovine: Indian Gaur
Canine: Dhole/ Wild Dog, Jackal
Civets: Small Indian Civet, Palm Civet/ Toddy Cat
Mongoose: Grey Mongoose, Ruddy Mongoose, Stripe-necked Mongoose
Rodents: Black-naped Hare, Porcupine, Giant Squirrel, Flying Squirrel, Palm Squirrel
Cats: Tiger, Leopard, Jungle Cat
Primates: Konkan Langur, Bonnet Macaque, Slender Loris
Species belonging to Other families: Wild Boar, Pangoline, Smooth coated Otter, Small Clawed Otter

Explore the birdlife of the Western Ghats Goa.