Nature’s Nest has initiated projects that create conservation impact.  The current projects focus around the forests of the Western Ghats, the fresh water reserves of South India. Through these projects we monitor the forests of Western Ghats and also work towards improving the quality of the habitat. 

Otter Conservation Project

Project Overview

This project focuses on creating conservation impact which will benefit both wildlife and people living in the landscape.  The project involves the use of advanced technology to complement our innovative conservation methods.

Key Project Elements

1. Monitor otter populations in Goa, study their behavior and adaptations 
2. Identify, document, and address the threats faced by otters
3. Otter film to generate otter conservation support

Become a Conservation Buddy

  • You can accompany a field conservationist to look for the presence of otters.
  • Check the camera traps to monitor activity of otters and other wildlife.
  • Get first-hand experience in an otter conservation project. 
  • Contribute to the survival of these unique and threatened species.

    Nature’s Nest Goa collaborates with Luta Innovation to provide you with first of its kind opportunity to participate in an ongoing conservation projects.