Gurukul by Nature’s Nest

Nestled in the midst of thick forest cover, Nature’s Nest Resort is located in the heart of Western Ghats in Goa. It is surrounded by the unmarked boundaries of Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and is situated in the buffer area of the same entity. The vast spreaded woods here operate as a corridor for wild animals, reptiles, mammals and birds to rapture the best of their natural habitat. And thus, allows us - wildlife, birding enthusiasts and nature lovers to closely observe the lesser known, endangered and endemic species in the rawest of their behavior. Environmentally conscious in the approach, Nature’s Nest is an eco friendly resort actively involved in promoting wildlife conservation practices. To create awareness about these crucial topics, we at Nature's Nest have introduced a number of initiatives under Nature’s Nest Conservation Centre (NNCC) that aim at building a community of locals, environmentally and socially conscious tourists and travellers, wildlife and birding enthusiasts, conservation activists and nature lovers alike. Our aim is to involve this community in various conservation practices not just by observation but by participation. With that vision, Gurukul by Nature’s Nest - our guided Internship Opportunity invites students belonging to but not limited to various environmental study fields to come and experience the world of wilderness first hand. 

What is Gurukul by Nature’s Nest ?

Seeking inspiration from the ancient Indian Hindu tradition of Gurukulam, where shishya - the students used to live with spiritual gurus - the teachers, away from rest of the world to take on life lessons...we at Nature’s Nest desire to do just that. We transcend you back to this era where nature ought to be your classroom and the flora and fauna, your classmates!Nature’s Nest Conservation Center offers an educational opportunity for budding conservationists, students or simply, nature lovers to get a glimpse into a Life Beyond Civilization, where nature and all of its elements live in harmony; reverberating a peculiar energy.If the idea of getting a first-hand experience on understanding the behavioral patterns of different animals and birds excites you...then this Paathshala is going to be your favourite place to be! Prepare yourself to engage in some thrilling activities on the field and getting your hands and feet dirty (literally so!) to witness the magic of the wild.But, the Gurukul we have mentioned here is quite different from those that existed in the ancient ages. In our Gurukul, your guru isn’t a particular person but instead your experience discovering various aspects of nature, and nature itself. For example, when faced with a difficult situation, say, a king cobra wandering onto your nature trail and then inflating its hood right in front of you. The way you face the king while it is continuously hissing at you without causing harm to yourself or to the snake is how you learn from nature. Traversing through swamps, spotting animal droppings, noticing change in the weather and how it affects the behavior of certain animals are some important lessons that only a practical session with mother nature will give you.

Who can apply for Gurukul by Nature's Nest ?

Any student pursuing a degree in environmental sciences, wildlife or habitat conservation, ecology, or sustainability can apply to be a part of this internship. Young individuals who aspire to make a career in sustainable tourism, wildlife photography, and environment protection can also apply as this educational opportunity offers a bundle of learning experiences that will leave an impact in the mind.

Where is Gurukul by Nature's Nest located ?

Where is Gurukul by Nature’s Nest located?As a shishya at Gurukul, we encourage you to spend a minimum of a month embracing the serenity of nature in the dense forests of East Goa. Gurukul by Nature’s Nest is established within the premises of Nature’s Nest Resort and Conservation Center, which have been built sustainably in nature. This property spread over 4 and a half acre falls in the buffer region of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary that is home to several species of birds and animals and also hosts some migratory guests that are passing through during winter. 

What can a Shishya expect from and at Nature's Nest?

This unique internship will provide you with an interactive experience of witnessing, observing, and analyzing wildlife up close. Unlike a generic internship that focuses on theoretical analyses, data collection, and surveying without much interaction with nature, Gurukul strives to educate all the shishyas through practical experiences.

You will learn various techniques of surveying birds, reptiles, mammals, and other wild animals using equipment like camera trapping. This will help you in understanding the behavioral ecology as well as the habitat preferences of each of these creatures. Some of the species that are regularly spotted in and around Nature’s Nest and in the wildlife sanctuary are the Malabar Trogon, Sri Lanka Frogmouth, White-bellied Shama, vine snakes, bronzeback tree snake, small Indian civet, leopard, otters, crocodiles and many more.

Our advice for you would be - don’t expect to spot any species in particular. Instead, let nature surprise you!

What does Gurukul expect from it's Shishya?

Like any educational institution (Gurukul), we expect a few things from the shishyas who come to learn from us and with us like:

  • Disciplined behavior at Nature’s Nest as well as while exploring nature, setting camera traps,and going on surveys
  • Having a vested interest in fields like sustainable tourism, wildlife conservation, birding and environmental studies
  • Being ready to get into the trenches (no that isn’t an analogy) and get your hands and feet dirty


Duration of the internship: 30 days

Fees: Rs. 24,495


  • Accommodation in dorms on a triple sharing basis
  • 3 organic meals per day based on a set menu
  • Guidance and mentoring from a veteran conservationist with over a decade of experience in wildlife preservation