Kokum Tree Project

Trees are protected and cared for when they benefit humans economically.   The Kokum Tree Project is about increasing tree cover in the buffer area of wildlife sanctuaries and improving the habitat.  This is achieved by supporting village livelihoods by purchasing products produced from the forest trees..  The aim of the project is to improve the habitat in the buffer areas of the Wildlife Sanctuaries by participation of forest communities.  We can increase participation by providing financial incentives to conserve and plant more trees.  In order to be able to provide substantial incentives towards protecting trees, we have developed a model by which the produce from these forest trees are procured from the villagers at premium rates.  We encourage the forest communities to process the fruits from the fruit bearing trees.  Through purchase of  these products from the forest communities, we support them. This incentivises the protection of more trees.  This protects more trees and helps in improving the habitats.

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You can also help by purchasing the products from the Kokum Tree store.