The activities available throughout the year vary as per the season.  The season for each activity is mentioned in the respective activity.

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Reputed as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India. The entry gate to Dudhsagar is located 10 km from Nature’s Nest making the waterfall very accessible. Our team will also assist you with the safari to the falls. 

One the ticket for the waterfall is bought, you board a closed jeep that holds 7 people.  The drie to Dudhsagar Waterfall is a bumpy one and the distance is about 12 km.

Hide Photography

The hides created within the premises as well as the plants planted to attract birds makes it possible for the bird photographers to toke eye level shots of various nectar feeding and fruit eating species.

Jeep Safari- Morning or Evening

An open jeep safari in the forest of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary.  This 90 minutes drive into the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary can be very rewarding. The sightings vary from a Malabar giant squirrel or a langur to carnivores like Leopard. The mammals found in Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary that have been sighted include Sambar, Chital (Spotted Deers), Barking Deer, Indian Gaur,  Dhole/ Wild Dog, Jackal, Grey Mongoose, Ruddy Mongoose, Stripe-necked Mongoose, Giant Squirrel, Palm Squirrel, Sloth Bear.

Night Safari

Night Safari is conducted around the buffer of the sanctuary whih are very rich in wildlife. It is a drie of about an hour or so depending upon the sightings.  Its an experience worth taking.  One usually sights animals like Palm Civet, Wild boar, Gaur and so on.  Other species sighted include Flying Squirrel, Mouse Deer, Small Indian Civet, Palm Civet/ Toddy Cat, Black-naped Hare, Porcupine, Leopard, Jungle Cat, Slender Loris, Nightjars, Owls, Konkan Langur, Bonnet Macaque, Wild Boar, Pangoline.

Treks to Tambdi Surla Waterfall


A 90 minutes trek takes you to the Tambdi Surla Waterfall.  It is one of the most beautiful treks in Goa.  The trek passes through lovely cane forest and a mix of deciduous and semi evergreen forest all along.  It’s of a medium level.

You will be driven to the starting point of the trek located 10 km away at Tambdi Surla temple.  From there you will be starting your trek in the forest.  You get to witness the beautiful rock carved temple as well when you opt for this trek.

Ideal time to start: 9.00 am
Duration: 90 minutes one way (3 and half hours from resort and back including drive time)

Fish Spa

The Natural Bubble spring is a small spring with natural bubbling.  You can sit here for as long as you desire for a wonderful Fish Spa Experience.

Guide Nature Walk

A guided nature walk will make you sight the stuff that you might just walk past without ever noticing its presence.  Short walks in the forest around with our naturalist.  The duration varies from an hour to 90 minutes or may even go longer.

Guided Night Trail

Night trail is an out of the world experience.  Guided night trails can make you fall in love with it. These are led by our naturalists and the focus is the nocturnal creatures.  One can especially sight nightjars, owls, scorpions in non monsoon season.  During monsoon one can sight a treasure of lesser fauna.

Sunset point Trail

About  ten minutes walk from Nature’s Nest is a highland from where one can get splendid view of the sunset. The place is inside the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and has an open grassland habitat.  A lovely place to enjoy your evening in the calm of nature where one can see the sun set behind 7 rows of forest clad hills.

Birding in Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the best places to bird around.  Located 30 minutes from Nature’s Nest this is a tiny sanctuary spread just about 8 sq. km.  Lots of birding en rout to the sanctuary.

Birding in Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

Another great place.  However bird photography is a little difficult at times.

Spring Pool

Our very special Naturally recharged spring is very unique.  The natural springs present beneath the pool keep on filling the pool up with refreshing fresh water.


Enjoy a barbecue session at Nature’s Nest.


 Bonfire on a cold night is great fun.

Adventure Activities

We have three adventure activities set up.  Wall climbing, Rappelling, Jummaring.

Village Walk

A village Walk is a good way to get introduced to the daily chores of the villagers and also the kind of housing.  The culture can be watched up-close.

Visit Tambdi Surla Temple

   Rock carved temple built the 13th Century located 10 km from Nature’s Nest.

Visit Bondla Zoo

A well kept zoo that houses, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Jackal as well.

Visit Spice Plantation

Many spice plantations around east side of Goa is a magnet for many travelers.

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