What does the Conservation Participation Program entail?

With several species of wild animals and birds facing the threat of extinction, wildlife conservation has become paramount and we at Nature’s Nest feel the same. That is why to promote the conservation of wildlife and spread awareness regarding sustainable living and traveling, we invite you to join us in this journey.

We work with Planet Life Foundation to offer you an engaging program, focusing on the enriching wildlife. Shaping various private land holdings into a habitat for different species that can thrive in the region, this one-of-a-kind program is an interactive experience that involves learning about various wild animals by participating in our ongoing initiatives.

Who can participate in the program?

The Conservation Participation Program will add value to anyone who is passionate about wildlife and environment. It is for anybody and everybody who would like to contribute to its conservation. Having said that, the program is a boon and recognition for students and professionals in their early careers of subjects like wildlife, birding, environmental conservation, photography and writing and sustainable development. 

What can you expect to learn from the program?

The name says it all - the program revolves around active participation in various initiatives dedicated to the conservation of wildlife. The Planet Life Foundation currently has two projects that we are primarily focusing on - the Otter Conservation Project and the Conservation Hotspot Project. As a participant, you will go on nature walks to check on the camera traps setup in the forest, look for signs of recent animal activity like poop droppings and analyze them carefully to gather research data highly useful in the years to come. 

While on a conservation trail, you can expect to spot different species of endangered and endemic birds, animals and reptiles.

What is expected of the program participants?

As you will be living and moving about in the wilderness, experiencing a life beyond civilization, there are a few things that we expect you to keep in mind while participating in the program. They are:

  • Be prepared to walk in mud, get your feet wet in water streams, and set up camera traps in unsuspecting places that might be in the bushes or on a tree. When in nature, you have to be physically active!
  • Adhere to a discipline behavior in the Nature’s Nest premises as well as on your nature trails
  • Be truly interested in wildlife preservation, sustainable living and travel, environmental conservation, bird spotting and ecology. 

Kindly inquire for more details.