We are Nature's Nest Conservation Centre Goa

Our goal is to create long lasting conservation impact which will benefit both wildlife and people living in the landscap. To accomplish this we have now established our research center at Nature's Nest Nature Resort, Tambdi Surla, Goa.

Why did we decide to start Natures Nest Research Centre?

1. In our observation for over 10 years we have witnessed continuous decline in various key species in the Northern Western Ghats

2. Wildlife conservation has always been very close to our heart; we feel its a high time that we make a dedicated effort to restore habitat and arrest the decline of key species

3. Natures Nest Nature Resort has a clientele interested in conservation; the Conservation Center provides us with an opportunity to work together towards our common goal

Research Field Station

The field station is set up within the Nature Nest Nature Resort property and is equipped with the necessary wildlife research equipments, a two wheeler and a four wheeler

High Tech Audio Analysis lab

Audio Lab has over 200 animal and nature sound recording. We are equipped with state of the art audio recording system. We continuously record and analyze audio to understand animal behavior and to appreciate nature